Pre TI7 qualifiers, Prodota Roster changes

Due to unfortunate circumstances of late, the Prodota Gaming organization is dropping the Dota 2 roster effective immediately.


Internal issues revolving around the organization and the players, as well as inter-team dynamics have been simmering over the last few weeks, coming to a boiling point only now. We will be bidding farewell Milan “Milan” Kozomara, Neta “33” Shapira, Greg “Keyser” Kallianiotis, and Alexei “j4” Lipai – the four most recent additions that joined the team in April this year.

The timing of this is very unfortunate as we were hopeful to see an invite into the TI7 regional qualifiers and of course progress even further. As one can imagine, this was not an easy decision then, but one that was made after much consideration of many factors.

Ylli “Garter” Ramadani has chosen to remain as part of the organization. We have hopes that a he will be able to rebuild a new roster in time for the TI7 open qualifiers and have higher hopes that he will still be able to don the Prodota Gaming banner in the regional qualifiers and perhaps even further.

We wish our former players best of luck in their careers and as they also move through the TI7 open qualifiers.

Prodota Bootcamp to start the new season

The new season for Dota 2 has just begun with the conclusion of the Kiev Major last week. Our boys are headed out to partake in some intensive training and team bonding to start off the road to TI7. Tucked away in the idyllic hills of Istanbul, Turkey at the former Team Secret team house, we will be working hard and steadfast to reach our goals.


Over the next 11 days, the team will be participating in several qualifiers and working on team dynamics and skills. They will be joined by former assistant coach of the San Francisco 49ers – Taylor Johnson to help the players reach their optimal performances!


Stay tuned to social media for updates on results and many pictures!

Mr. Cat Europe Invitational

Prodota Gaming has received an invite for the Mr. Cat Europe Invitational in May. With $50,000 on the line and up against some of the best teams in the region, the boys will be hoping to continue with their recent strong performances and results.
The first match for the team will be on May 3rd at 17:00 CEST against Vega. All matches are best-of-three and is a double elimination bracket!
Be sure to keep an eye on our progress at the official site and on our social media!

StarLadder iLeague S3 European qualifiers

Less than 2 weeks ago our new roster debuted in the StarLadderTV Pro Series 18 playoffs.


Following two successful rounds earlier in the season, the new roster took shape just in time for the playoffs. The boys cruised through the brackets with a flawless performance, not dropping a single match against Meow111, PENTA Sports or Cascade.


Their victory not only gave the organization another championship title and the biggest slice of the prize pool, it also granted them the much coveted spot in the StarLadder iLeague S3 European qualifiers.


We will be competing as one of 12 invited teams in the closed qualifiers for a shot at the one spot in the main event in Shanghai China at the end of May with a prize pool of $100,000.


Our first match kicks off Wednesday, April 19 at 18:00 CEST vs Team Spirit.

Schedule and additional information can be found here at the Starladder website.

Roster Overhaul

In efforts to reach our goal we set earlier this year – to reach TI7, we realized that major revisions would be necessary to move forward. The first of the steps was to change the culture and leadership of the team, to align more closely with our multi national communication. With that, we would like to welcome on board former MVP manager Felix “Jeef” Jedelhauser that saw two of the MVP Korean organization’s squads head to TI5 and MVP.Phoenix to TI6. Jeef also has extensive experience working with various athletes from around the world and in coordination with Red Bull Sports.


We are confident that his experience and leadership will fit nicely with our the guidance of the former NFL San Francisco 49ers strength and conditioning coach Taylor “Architect” Johnson we brought on board last month.


The second order of business was to secure a lineup that would be fully stable and commit 100% to the organization and goals we have set. In order to achieve that, we have rebuilt the roster around our longterm carry player and captain Ylli “Garter” Ramadani. We have acquired the players of NoLogicGaming effective immediately. Starting today, we would like to officially welcome: Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara, Alexei “j4” Lipai, Neta “33” Shapira and Greg “Keyser” Kallianiotis.

  • Many will recognize 33/Coon as having played with us before – in fact being part of the squad that traveled to China for WCA. We are pleased to welcome him back to our organization;
  • MiLAN is no stranger to most of of our fans – playing against us as an opponent on NLG and Elements Pro Gaming;
  • j4 played fro most of his career, starting in 2013 until 2016 with Power Rangers before the organization dissolved their Dota 2 squad completely. His stability and commitment is an example for all;
  • Keyser is expected to grow into show stopper in the mid lane. He was part of the all Greek lineup of London Conspiracy and then Golden Boys before turning to an international lineup.

You can catch the team’s debut under the Prodota Gaming banner tonight in the playoffs for SLTV Pro Series 18 against PENTA sports and again tomorrow night in PDCup 17 also against PENTA.


We also have quite a few surprises in store and in the works, so stay tuned to watch our progress!

D2CL and OverPower Cup invites

This week alone, we have been invited to participate in D2CL season 11 and in the new OverPower Cup.


D2CL will be gearing up to kick off March 20th. We will be playing alongside teams such as Team Spirit, Vega Squadron, and Elements Pro Gaming. $5,000 prize pool is on the line and we’re hungry to success.
The new OverPower Cup is a fully invitational only event featuring Cloud 9, Ninjas in Pyjamas Team Empire, Team Spirit and more. This single elimination tournament is sure to be exciting as we aim to take control of the brackets.
Our first matchup in OverPower Cup will be March 17th at 20:30 CET against NiP!
As always keep all eyes on our social media for matchup times and stream info!

One Step Closer

We secured our place in the Kiev Major EU Regional Qualifiers after a flawless journey through the first set of open qualifiers. Without dropping a single match, the team survived the brutal best-of-one brackets before cruising through the playoff phase. After taking two convincing wins off of the Egyptian team Slice n’ Dice, we headed into the Grand Finals to meet Going In.


In both games the boys staged thrilling comebacks.
For the first one, they pulled a victory out with a 10k gold deficit in a hearstopping base race. In the second match, the team turned things around with an amazing fight at the Rosh Pit, and paired with their relentless split pushing and never give up attitude they seized another win as fans watched with baited breath. Each of our players showed amazing resilience and determination that we are proud of.

Now its time to prepare for the daunting task of the regional qualifiers against some of our best peers and teams.

New way to achieve the competitive edge

For the remainder of the season and heading into the next one, the squad will be teaming up with NFL San Francisco 49ers strength and conditioning assistant coach – Taylor “Architect” Johnson.


In addition, the team has also recruited the help of an analyst to provide an initial consultation to enhance coordination and strategic planning.
Architect has focused on nutrition, strength and conditioning, and recovery for the past 10 years. His overall goal is to help individuals reach their true potential and ideal lifestyles.
Experience as a S&C (strength and conditioning) and Nutrition Coach has reached all levels ranging from NFL, MLB, Pac-12, SEC, and Mountain West collegiate teams, professional fighters, law enforcement/military, fire fighters, weekend warriors, CEO’s, and casual fitness enthusiasts.
He most recently was an Assistant S&C and Nutrition Coach for the San Francisco 49ers for two seasons and is now using his skill set to help professional gamers optimize their training.
The analyst is serving on an initial consultation basis for the first week only to provide insight and coordination with Taylor to develop a blueprint and goals based on extensive review and observation of the team’s Dota specific strengths and weakness.
Undergoing another roster change recently, the squad has been thrust into the depths of the brutal Kiev Major Open Qualifiers starting on Monday, March 6th.
The hope is that the resources and services will impact performance and lead to dramatic improvements over the course of the next season.

We’re facing the open qualifiers again

On March 6th, the team will begin their journey towards the regional qualifiers – battling it out in the brutal best-of-one-elimination brackets.

While we have seen some struggles in the last few weeks, we are feeling confident as we move forward with our new roster.

We are pleased to announce the return of our support player – Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Craciunescu! Alex played with us last season, including for the Boston Major Open and Regional qualifiers. His experience, skill and game knowledge will once again help bring us strong performances.

Next in line, we welcome a new mid player to the roster – Micke “miCKe” Nguyen. The former professional Swedish Heroes of Newerth player has a long history with our other support player iNsania.

Catch our new roster in action in StarLadder Pro League Season 18 Phase II starting tomorrow!

Omen Cup Second Place

Invited to play in the Omen Cup, our boys pushed through the first series with a 2:1 defeat over Meow111.

Continuing on a winning streak, we toppled over Hala Ares 2:0 and advanced into the semi finals.


It was there, Prodota Gaming faced LQ – a mix of known players including Funn1k, Scandal, Sunlight, BlowYourBrain and sQreen. In a triumphant victory 2:1, the team moved into the finals.

Our first match against Cloud 9 was a beautifully executed performance, knocking the infamous Danish squad down one match. We fought hard in the next two matches, but were unable to surmount Cloud 9’s synergy and teamplay of over one year playing together as a team.


Our second place position is an exciting glimpse into our future. After only several weeks together, the team is coming into their own place and finding their groove.


We are quite proud of our first run and look forward to more success soon – in fact, we are in the semi finals of PDCup 14, which continues this week!