16 Mar 2017

D2CL and OverPower Cup invites

This week alone, we have been invited to participate in D2CL season 11 and in the new OverPower Cup.


D2CL will be gearing up to kick off March 20th. We will be playing alongside teams such as Team Spirit, Vega Squadron, and Elements Pro Gaming. $5,000 prize pool is on the line and we’re hungry to success.
The new OverPower Cup is a fully invitational only event featuring Cloud 9, Ninjas in Pyjamas Team Empire, Team Spirit and more. This single elimination tournament is sure to be exciting as we aim to take control of the brackets.
Our first matchup in OverPower Cup will be March 17th at 20:30 CET against NiP!
As always keep all eyes on our social media for matchup times and stream info!



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