8 Mar 2017

One Step Closer

We secured our place in the Kiev Major EU Regional Qualifiers after a flawless journey through the first set of open qualifiers. Without dropping a single match, the team survived the brutal best-of-one brackets before cruising through the playoff phase. After taking two convincing wins off of the Egyptian team Slice n’ Dice, we headed into the Grand Finals to meet Going In.


In both games the boys staged thrilling comebacks.
For the first one, they pulled a victory out with a 10k gold deficit in a hearstopping base race. In the second match, the team turned things around with an amazing fight at the Rosh Pit, and paired with their relentless split pushing and never give up attitude they seized another win as fans watched with baited breath. Each of our players showed amazing resilience and determination that we are proud of.

Now its time to prepare for the daunting task of the regional qualifiers against some of our best peers and teams.



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