13 Sep 2016

Our roster secured after initial debacle

After much uncertainty surrounding the upcoming Fall Major 2016 season, the Prodota Gaming roster has been secured. When Armand “bOne7” Pittner missed the drop deadline by mere hours Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Crăciunescu had been locked into Kaipi, instead of Prodota Gaming – the team that he had been playing with and enjoying much recent success with. As the team contemplated disbanding and other options Valve took action and settled team registration issues. The team has now finalized their roster officially with their core lineup of players for the last month including Ylli “Garter” Ramadani, Jure “Pingvincek” Plešej, Linus “Kefka” Bleckert, Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Crăciunescu and Malthe “Biver” Winther.


The Fall Major 2016 season had looked to be starting on an up note for the Prodota Gaming roster. The team had just begun to really surge through all the competition in the last month taking back to back PD Gaming Cup titles and several top 3 positions in their current tournaments – WellPlay Invitational, D2offence, Elements Pro Cup and Grand Finals in JoinDota League.

One month ago, the team had rebuilt their roster around two core players from the organization – Captain Ylli “Garter” Ramadani and support player Malthe “Biver” Winther. Adding Jure “Pingvincek” Plešej, Linus “Kefka” Bleckert and Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Crăciunescu seems to have been the mix the team needed to excel.

Then the team suffered a major blow – Armand “bOne7” Pittner missed the drop deadline by merely hours and ComeWithMe was still locked into Kaipi. Both Kaipi and ProDota had been showing strong and promising results as of late and were heavily affected by the crisis.

ComeWithMe and ProDota Gaming management immediately contacted Valve regarding the situation. Four heavy days of apprehension and uncertainty loomed overheard before they received a response.

On September 8th Valve took action and had settled the issue for the players and teams in question.

Prodota was considering disbanding altogether. I’m very thankful that Valve stepped in and helped us sort out this mess. After all, it wasn’t their fault, it was ours. We were all naive, we thought things would sort themselves out and counted on our managers to do their jobs, but the scene still has a lot to improve when it comes to this. It’s great to know that we have a partner in Valve, in our hour of need.
— Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Crăciunescu

The team has now officially registered their intended roster and is continuing along their path in the current and upcoming competitions. The team has high hopes for the upcoming season.

In a recent interview with the captain – Garter – was asked:
“For the last six months Prodota Gaming won huge amount of Tier2-3 tournaments, and it’s obvious that you have all chances become Tier 1 – Do you believe someday you will lift the international aegis above your head?”

We are taking things step by step. Yes every player’s dream is to go to TI and place high etc – but right now we are at this point where we can break T1 team easily or we can be T2 forever. Depending on the amount of work we will put in meaning scrims, pubs etc. we will have the results. I’m sure if we work hard we can get there.



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