23 Jul 2016

Prodota Gaming Two time champs of PD Cup

PD Cup 8 EU has concluded with another successful season. Prodota Gaming seized their second championship title in the series after overpowering Elements Pro Gaming 3:1 in the Grand Finals. Prodota Gaming’s last title from the PD Cup series was five months ago for PD Cup 3 when they bested Ad Finem 3:2.


PD Cup 8 EU ended after granting Prodota Gaming their second championship title. The series has been an ongoing fixture in the minor tournament tier since their first iteration in December 2015. Organizer Sam Manuelson had previously confirmed that the series would span at least the course of a year, rounding out in December 2016.


Prodota Gaming had overpowered Elements Pro Gaming (the CIS lineup) 3:1 in the Grand Finals. The team  had traveled through the brackets undefeated – taking down 4 Viking & Danes, Team Toast, German 5 and Comanche in the process.


Elements Pro Gaming journey was much more difficult as they had dropped into the lower brackets after being swept through by TBE 2:0 in the first round. They crawled their way through the brutal best-of-one elimination brackets for four rounds. They then wiped out their sister team Elements One in the lower bracket semi-finals and Comanche 2:1 in the lower bracket finals.


Taking the first game off of Prodota Gaming, Elements Pro Gaming quickly were put back into their place as they lost the next two successive matches.



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Prodota Gaming Two time champs of PD Cup
23 Jul 2016
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