5 Apr 2017

Roster Overhaul

In efforts to reach our goal we set earlier this year – to reach TI7, we realized that major revisions would be necessary to move forward. The first of the steps was to change the culture and leadership of the team, to align more closely with our multi national communication. With that, we would like to welcome on board former MVP manager Felix “Jeef” Jedelhauser that saw two of the MVP Korean organization’s squads head to TI5 and MVP.Phoenix to TI6. Jeef also has extensive experience working with various athletes from around the world and in coordination with Red Bull Sports.


We are confident that his experience and leadership will fit nicely with our the guidance of the former NFL San Francisco 49ers strength and conditioning coach Taylor “Architect” Johnson we brought on board last month.


The second order of business was to secure a lineup that would be fully stable and commit 100% to the organization and goals we have set. In order to achieve that, we have rebuilt the roster around our longterm carry player and captain Ylli “Garter” Ramadani. We have acquired the players of NoLogicGaming effective immediately. Starting today, we would like to officially welcome: Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara, Alexei “j4” Lipai, Neta “33” Shapira and Greg “Keyser” Kallianiotis.

  • Many will recognize 33/Coon as having played with us before – in fact being part of the squad that traveled to China for WCA. We are pleased to welcome him back to our organization;
  • MiLAN is no stranger to most of of our fans – playing against us as an opponent on NLG and Elements Pro Gaming;
  • j4 played fro most of his career, starting in 2013 until 2016 with Power Rangers before the organization dissolved their Dota 2 squad completely. His stability and commitment is an example for all;
  • Keyser is expected to grow into show stopper in the mid lane. He was part of the all Greek lineup of London Conspiracy and then Golden Boys before turning to an international lineup.

You can catch the team’s debut under the Prodota Gaming banner tonight in the playoffs for SLTV Pro Series 18 against PENTA sports and again tomorrow night in PDCup 17 also against PENTA.


We also have quite a few surprises in store and in the works, so stay tuned to watch our progress!



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