3 Mar 2017

New way to achieve the competitive edge

For the remainder of the season and heading into the next one, the squad will be teaming up with NFL San Francisco 49ers strength and conditioning assistant coach – Taylor “Architect” Johnson.


In addition, the team has also recruited the help of an analyst to provide an initial consultation to enhance coordination and strategic planning.
Architect has focused on nutrition, strength and conditioning, and recovery for the past 10 years. His overall goal is to help individuals reach their true potential and ideal lifestyles.
Experience as a S&C (strength and conditioning) and Nutrition Coach has reached all levels ranging from NFL, MLB, Pac-12, SEC, and Mountain West collegiate teams, professional fighters, law enforcement/military, fire fighters, weekend warriors, CEO’s, and casual fitness enthusiasts.
He most recently was an Assistant S&C and Nutrition Coach for the San Francisco 49ers for two seasons and is now using his skill set to help professional gamers optimize their training.
The analyst is serving on an initial consultation basis for the first week only to provide insight and coordination with Taylor to develop a blueprint and goals based on extensive review and observation of the team’s Dota specific strengths and weakness.
Undergoing another roster change recently, the squad has been thrust into the depths of the brutal Kiev Major Open Qualifiers starting on Monday, March 6th.
The hope is that the resources and services will impact performance and lead to dramatic improvements over the course of the next season.



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