Ylli Ramadani

I am Ylli “Garter” Ramadani. I began my career in 2007, alongside well-known players like PGG and Vigoss. I transitioned to Dota 2 in 2011 and was signed to Virus Gaming with Sebastien "7ckingMad" Debs and Titouan "Paris" Merloz to play at ESWC 2011. After some time I went inactive for over one year and returned at the end of 2012. While looking for a stable team I stood in for some time for first Kaipi and then mY insanity. I switched from mid role to carry about 7 months ago, and shortly after begun to fill the captain’s role. When I am not playing Dota I spend time with my family and try to sneak to the gym or hang out for some coffee with friends.

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Alexandru Crăciunescu

Hey! I'm Alexandru “ComeWithMe” Crăciunescu and 24 years old from Romania. I started playing DotA 1 eight years ago, when I was only 15 years old. I began my Dota2 career on team Online Kingdom, in 2011.
The same year, I became the first Romanian player to compete in the International championship - taking 7-8th place in TI1.

Throughout my career, I have played for teams such as The Elder Gods (TeG), Kaipi, Team Dignitas, Darer, mousesports, Absolute Legends, QPAD Red Pandas, Super Strong Dinosaurs, hehe united, and Burden United and ProDota Gaming.

People always ask about my name. I was thinking of a nickname but i was really clueless, at the time i loved the song from The KIllers - "Bones" and since i kept hearing 'come with me' 'come with me', i just went with that.

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Eugene Kastrama

Hi, I am Eugene "chshrct" Kastrama and am 26 years old from Belarus. I first started playing DotA and Dota 2 about 9 years ago. When I started in Dota 2 in 2013 I joined Power Rangers, where I called home for my entire career so far - leaving in 2016 when the team disbanded. Prodota Gaming will be my first team since and without Alexei "j4" Lipai.

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Micke Nguyen

Hey! I’m Micke "miCKe" Nguyen and am 17 years young! I'm an ex professional HoN player from Sweden and made the switch over to Dota 2 only last year in 2016.
I'm a long time teammate of iNsania - we started on Team Doge together for two months and then moved to play on Solidudes for a few months together.
This is my first international team and have only played with Swedish rosters until now!

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Aydin "iNsania" Sarkohi

Hey! I'm Aydin "iNsania" Sarkohi and am 22 years old from Sweden.
I started to play Dota 2 just recently - in September 2015. It didn't take long for me to start to play competitively and played briefly with Team Doge in 2016 and then most recently part of Solidudes for the last three months. I have a five year history playing HoN - like many other players that made the switch!

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